Sc Mira is one of the bands that I've never heard before even I follow and check most of the Indie playlists around, but probably that's my bad, because after finding this beatiful song, which has a videoclip published on yesterday, through the Fresh Finds playlist on Spotify, I also noticed that, they published an another album, Waiting Room Baby, in 2015.
Lea Porcelain is one of the bands that I've not heard before until I came across to this beatiful Bruce Springsteen song cover, Streets of Philadelphia, which is pretty normal actually as their first album is just released on June, 2017.
This was actually one of the popular songs for a short period where you could find it on every alternative playlists.
Yet another one of the tracks with a weird but fun to watch video clips by Pauline de Tarragon who is also an illustrator.
This one may not be suitable for everyone, but, with its' videoclip and the lyrics, it got my attention yet made me discover this great band, Purson.
For the last two months, not only I was too lazy to share a new song but also there was not any songs that fascinated me resulted with me not posting any new songs.